New chat application for Android is available

The new Chat & Flirt ♥ ChatVideo application is out and available on the Play Store, it features new enhancements like video-calling and improved connectivity.

Chat & Flirt ♥ ChatVideo

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New chat application for Android is available

New VideoChat Application Running

Here is the VideoChat application in AS3 running on (Spanish) check it out!

For more information or to get this application for your own site please contact the administrator.

New VideoChat Application Running

Initializing Camera (AS3)

This is how you get the camera using ActionScript 3.0, very useful for your Webcam/FMS related projects

package {


public class createCamera extends Video {

private var camera:Camera;
private var camQ:int = 0;
private var FPS:int = 30;

public function createCamera (w:Number = 320, h:Number = 240)
this.width = w;
this.height = h;

public function startCamera():void
camera = Camera.getCamera();
camera.setQuality(0, camQ);
camera.setMode(this.width, this.height, FPS);

Initializing Camera (AS3)

New AS3.0 VideoChat app in progress…

This is a preview of the new VideoChat application being developed at the moment:

This application is more robust and scalable than the previous AS2 version, so it will handle high amounts of simultaneous connections without slow-down or related problems.

Some of the app features will include:

– Room list, create rooms, invite to cam2cam private room, create password-protected rooms.
– Country, age, IP, status are shown on a tool tip when mouse over the user’s nickname.
– Room info tool tip.
– Ignore user (when a user is ignored he/she could not view my video stream).
– Private messages.
– Kick/Ban users.
– Manage rooms.
– watch 5 cams simultaneously.
– Resize live camera streams.
– Show user’s country flag on his/her info.
– VIP stream, user chooses if only VIP/Registered users can watch his/her webcam stream
– XML settings to fit your quality, bit rate, server URL, etc.

More features coming!

New AS3.0 VideoChat app in progress…