Initializing Camera (AS3)

This is how you get the camera using ActionScript 3.0, very useful for your Webcam/FMS related projects

package {


public class createCamera extends Video {

private var camera:Camera;
private var camQ:int = 0;
private var FPS:int = 30;

public function createCamera (w:Number = 320, h:Number = 240)
this.width = w;
this.height = h;

public function startCamera():void
camera = Camera.getCamera();
camera.setQuality(0, camQ);
camera.setMode(this.width, this.height, FPS);

Initializing Camera (AS3)

New AS3.0 VideoChat app in progress…

This is a preview of the new VideoChat application being developed at the moment:

This application is more robust and scalable than the previous AS2 version, so it will handle high amounts of simultaneous connections without slow-down or related problems.

Some of the app features will include:

– Room list, create rooms, invite to cam2cam private room, create password-protected rooms.
– Country, age, IP, status are shown on a tool tip when mouse over the user’s nickname.
– Room info tool tip.
– Ignore user (when a user is ignored he/she could not view my video stream).
– Private messages.
– Kick/Ban users.
– Manage rooms.
– watch 5 cams simultaneously.
– Resize live camera streams.
– Show user’s country flag on his/her info.
– VIP stream, user chooses if only VIP/Registered users can watch his/her webcam stream
– XML settings to fit your quality, bit rate, server URL, etc.

More features coming!

New AS3.0 VideoChat app in progress…