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New OBS Studio 28.1.1

OBS Studio is software designed for capturing, compositing, encoding, recording, and streaming video content, efficiently. It is the re-write of the widely used Open Broadcaster Software, to allow even more features and multi-platform support. OBS Studio supports multiple sources, including media files, games, web pages, application windows, webcams, your desktop, microphone and more.


Release notes:

  • Added NVENC AV1 hardware encoder on Windows [Jim]
    • Currently only works with the NV12 (OBS default) and P010 color formats
    • Currently does not support the “rescale” feature in advanced output mode
    • Only available for RTX 40 Series video cards from NVIDIA
  • Updated NVENC presets [Jim]
    • Presets have been split into 3 different settings: Preset, Tuning, and Multipass mode
    • Presets are now P1-P7, lower numbers being lower quality, higher numbers being higher quality. Note that higher presets may incur higher GPU usage which could impact the performance of games running simultaneously with OBS. The number of simultaneous NVENC encoding sessions may be lower when using the highest presets. OBS will automatically map your current NVENC settings to the closest preset when upgrading.
    • Tuning is used to determine whether to prioritize latency or quality. It has three settings: High Quality, Low Latency, and Ultra Low Latency.
    • Multipass Mode is used to determine whether a second pass is used in encoding, and has three settings: Disabled, Quarter Resolution, and Full Resolution. Enabling this will give higher quality at the cost of more GPU resource usage.
  • Fixed a bug where Direct3D 9 games stopped capturing properly with game capture on Windows 11 22H2 [Rodney]
  • Moved “Always on Top” to the View menu [gxalpha]
  • You can now select a specific source for the Virtual Camera [chippydip]
  • Fixed a crash on resolution change of Windows Virtual Camera [Jim]
  • Fixed a Discord crash with Windows Virtual Camera [Jim]
  • Fixed crashes with macOS applications loading the virtual camera [PatTheMav]
  • Fixed Steam version launching x86_64 version on Apple Silicon devices [Rodney]
  • Fixed Stats widget appearance issues [tytan652]
  • Fixed Blend Method in Studio Mode [rcdrone]
  • Fixed case where video capture is darkened when both luma wipe and scale filtering are set [rcdrone]

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