LightCompressor – Video Compressing Library for Android

LightCompressor – Video Compressing Library for Android

A powerful and easy-to-use video compression library for android uses MediaCodec API. This library generates a compressed MP4 video with a modified width, height, and bitrate (the number of bits per seconds that determines the video and audio files’ size and quality). It is based on Telegram for Android project.

The general idea of how the library works is that, extreme high bitrate is reduced while maintaining a good video quality resulting in a smaller size.

When the video file is called to be compressed, the library checks if the user wants to set a min bitrate to avoid compressing low resolution videos. This becomes handy if you don’t want the video to be compressed every time it is to be processed to avoid having very bad quality after multiple rounds of compression. The minimum is;

  • Bitrate: 2mbps

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